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As a buyer you are taking all the risk.

We can help you manage the risk by identifying points of risks in the sales documents and, in the general process.

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DO YOU KNOW & understand the terms & conditions of the contract?  

DO YOU KNOW what it means to "cool off" and when you can "cool off" and at what cost?  

DO YOU KNOW all potential costs disclosed in the Section 32 Vendors statement?  

DO YOU KNOW how to make an offer?  

DO YOU KNOW exactly what goods are included?

DO YOU KNOW what a Section 27 statement is?

DO YOU KNOW if you qualify for any stamp duty concessions?

DO YOU KNOW that 33% of Victorian properties have illegal building works on them

DO YOU KNOW that a pre-purchase building inspection could save you thousands







Do you know what you are buying?

Aug 29, 2017 | General | craig

The contract will have a section title GOODS SOLD WITH THE LAND.

This is normally listed as "All fixed floor coverings, window furnishings and electric light fittings".

You should consider whether this covers everything that you think is being sold with the property and if not, have the agent add a list to the contract.

A couple of examples that might help are.....

If the property has a swimming pool you should ask if the pool cleaning equipment is included in the sale.


If there is a wall mounted television you need to ask if the television is included in the sale, if not, ask whether the wall brackets are being removed. If the wall brackets are being removed you should ask who is covering the cost of repairing and painting the wall.

MAKE SURE THAT THE CONTRACT CLEARLY LISTS ANY INCLUSIONS OR EXCLUSIONS not covered by 'all fixed floor coverings, window furnishings and electric light fittings"



Aug 28, 2017 | General | craig

Hi Craig and Nadee,


Just wanted to say a big thank you for your settlement assistance, and for the advice and numerous contract reviews leading up to it.


It was very much appreciated, and we will be recommending you to anyone who we can.


Kind regards,




Buying leased properties...beware!

Jan 17, 2017 | Notice | craig

Big thank you to you and Craig for your help during this process and all the best for future. Leon 16/01/17

We helped Leon negotiate $2,000.00 compensation....


Can you reduce your risk when buying property?

Can you reduce your risk when buying property?

Jan 10, 2017 | Notice | craig

"Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing"......Warren Buffett

If you are considering buying you can reduce your risk by talking to us before you sign a contract. Our pre-purchase review service is obligation and cost free.




Jan 11, 2017 | Testimonial | craig

Thank you for your work and constant updates throughout settlement, it was great to be kept in the loop.

Pleasure working you.

Warm regards.


Settlement  10 January 2017